Five Ways to Make Your Wedding More Memorable

Everyone wants their big day to be memorable and special, right?! I think this should go without saying. However, the way to go about making your big day memorable can be a little less clear. How do you set yourself apart from other weddings? How do you make your wedding original and reflective of who you are as a couple? I’ll tell you the simple answer: it is finding wedding vendors who can deliver that specific vision you have for your big day.

Currently, I am in the throes of midterms, but also trying to get my vendors booked for my wedding. Seriously, the struggle is real. Lately, my inner monologue has basically been…”Do I study…or do I do wedding research?!” I seriously need another me, you know what I’m saying? However, thanks to WeddingWire, my search for the perfect vendors for my big day has been made much less stressful. They seriously have any and all vendors you could need for your big day and the vision you are striving to create.

So…you want your wedding to be special?! Here’s my advice on how to make your wedding day stand apart from the rest:


One way to truly make your wedding stand out from the rest is renting decor that really speaks to your theme and vibe. Are you boho? Modern? Romantic? Whatever your style, there is a vendor out there with furniture to make your wedding sing. I personally am in the market for a bunch of mis-matched vintage furniture…I really love that look!

Unique Chic Events:


Fab Decor Rentals:



2. Photobooth

No wedding is complete without a photobooth. If you don’t agree, I’m sorry but you are just incorrect…JK, I respect everyone’s opinion, but trust me when I tell you, your guests love a good photo booth! Like it or not, photo booths have become commonplace at wedding receptions, and your guests will most likely expect to find one. Don’t opt for a run of the mill photo booth, but branch out and do something different! This is definitely a great opportunity to make a memorable mark at your reception. Here’s a couple fun options to set your day apart:

Capture POD Photo Booth Rental


Green Screen photo booth…say what?! Reyes Productions


3. Dessert

Ok, everone opts for wedding cake, its obviously the traditional route…but, there are so many more options available that are actually less expensive and your guests will enjoy even more. Most people I talk to say they never even eat the cake at receptions, however, if you give your guests a more novel option, such as mini pies or a donut wall, they may but much more enthusiastic to partake in the sweet stuff!


Susie Cakes



4. Wedding Favors

When it comes to wedding favors, the world is your oyster! You can truly do whatever you want. My suggestion is to find a little something that reflects both you and your fiance and the spirit of the day you have created. Some of my favorite wedding favors have been homemade jars of jam, homemade bracelets, and aura readings. Here’s a couple awesome examples below!

Twisted Hangers…such a great gift for your girls to remember the day!



5. Getaway Vehicle

Making an entrance is awesome, but making your exit at a wedding is everything! Choosing the right “getaway vehicle” for you can be tons of fun. I personally am looking for a retro Rolls Royce or old school Mustang (still undecided!) but whatever your vibe, there is a perfect rental company out there for you.

Classy Chassis



I hope you enjoyed this post! All that you need to do to make your wedding set apart from the rest is to find vendors who see your vision and help you bring it to life! What are your biggest priorities when planning your wedding? I would love to know! Please shoot me a comment down below! 🙂


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