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Gucci Dupes: The Broadway + Dionysus Bags Under $50

gucci dupes

To say that I have a mild Gucci obsession is putting it mildly…I am FULL ON 100% OBSESSED with Gucci. Obsessed though I may be, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I just cannot afford the beautiful pieces they make. What is a girl on a budget to do?! The answer, my friends, is search the internet high and low for affordable Gucci dupes to satiate my desires. Yep. I have found two amazeballs Gucci dupes that are going to blow. your. mind. Get ready for it, because not only are they both under $50, but they’re also both available on Amazon…one is even available for Prime! But enough of this small talk, let’s get to the goods, shall we?

Gucci Dupes: The Broadway

gucci dupes

Alright, I’ve been carrying this bag literally to death. Ever since I got it last month, it has been on serious repeat. This is the one that is elibible for Prime shipping, so you could be rocking this beauty in as little as two days. It also comes in black, white, and blush, which I think I maybe have to get as well because I’m just in love with the design. There are some major differences in this Gucci dupe, but as you can see in the side by side comparisons, they’re so close…close enough that I’ve fooled a lot of people with this baby!

Shop the Real Broadway

Shop the Broadway Dupe!

gucci dupes

gucci dupes


Gucci Dupes: The Dionysus

gucci dupes

This is yet another amazing Gucci dupe, I’m kind of obsessed with the bamboo top handle. Of course, its not real bamboo, but it really looks like it! This Dionysus dupe is super roomy inside and fits all my daily essentials. Although you can see from the comparison that there are a few key differences, this one also passed as the real thing on several occasions so far!

Shop the Real Dionysus

Shop the Dionysus Dupe!

gucci dupes

I hope you loved these awesome Gucci dupes I found! If you were a fan of this post, you’d probably love my most recent Youtube video where I share all my favorite Gucci Dupes I have scored lately…give it a watch and make sure to subscribe! I’m definitely going to be getting on my Youtube game here very soon!


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