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My Recent Health Journey/Weight Loss + Fitness Gift Guide

fitness gift guide

My Recent Health Journey/Weight Loss + Fitness Gift Guide

Somehow, we have made it to the end of the year and the holiday season…how is this possible?! Every year, I look forward to this time of year because it is my favorite. I love the parties, the times with family and friends, shopping for gifts, and all the decorations. With all of that inevitably comes lots of food and lots of drinking. I know for sure when I made Thanksgiving last week, I used more sticks of butter than I care to think about! This is the time of year that a lot of people tend to fall off their healthy habits, so I am here to tell you what has worked for me lately, plus share a fitness gift guide for everyone on your list who love to keep it tight and right, if ya know what I mean!

When it comes to health and fitness, I have a strategy to keep myself in check during this time of year so that I don’t go too over-board and have a much harder place to start my New Year’s resolutions come January 1st. I always try to do some sort of diet in October or early November to get myself healthy and hopefully lose a couple pounds before the holiday season hits. Before, I’ve just sort of halfway done this, without any clear rules or structure, and to be honest, I never really felt like I accomplished much by doing it this way. So this year, I decided to get serious and try a program that would provide me with some clear guidelines to get myself in shape. I decided to do a 30 day challenge with Arbonne, which was actually a pretty easy and painless program that was simple to follow.

fitness gift guide

In a nutshell, this plan consists of replacing two meals a day with protien shakes (made from plant based protein powder), and eating one healthy meal a day, along with plenty of water. Of course, I had to abstain from a good amount of foods/drinks. For 30 days, I cut out gluten, soy, dairy, processed sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. The last two were absolutely painful to cut out at times. I love my coffee, and I love my wine, so getting over the ritual of having a morning coffee or drinking wine when I went out was really tough. I will say that cutting caffeine got easier as I went along, especially because I got some “Fizz Sticks” which are on the plan and can give you a little boost of energy in your day as they are packed with vitamins and nutrients, but as B12. I honestly felt so much energy after a week of cutting out the wine and booze and all the other crappy things in my diet, that it seemed to make up for the lack of caffeine.

I will say, one thing I wish I could’ve done was hit the gym more while I was on this program. Unfortunately, my UCLA schedule does not allow me to work out as many days a week as I would like, but I still felt like I got great results even without a rigorous gym routine. One reason for that is that 80% of your weight is due to your DIET, and only 20% is due to exercise. No matter what you do in the gym, you really can’t out exercise a bad diet, so remember that!

fitness gift guide

Now, enough of all that, I’m sure you’re curious about my results! Here are my photos from before, and my measurements (in inches):

Weight: 145 lbs

Biceps: 10.25

Chest: 36.75

Waist: 27.75

Hips: 37

Thigh: 20


Weight: 137

Biceps: 10

Chest: 35.5

Waist: 26.75

Hips: 34.75

Thigh: 18

I was really happy and surprised with my results! I feel like I’ve managed to not put too much of the weight back on, but Thanksgiving may have put a dent in my progress. I love that I have found a system that works for me that I can go back to from time to time when I need to refresh and restart my health routine. If you are thinking about getting yourself in shape really quick before Christmas, now would be a great time to start this plan, or it can always be something you make a commitment to start when the new year begins. Whatever you decide, check out my friend Jessie’s page to get some info on how you can get started on a healthier lifestyle for yourself!

And now, as promised, the fitness gift guide for everyone on your list who loves to get their sweat on. Happy shopping!


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