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My New Favorite Headphones + Fresh Fall Playlist


Little known fact: my first ever blog when I was 18 was a music blog. I used to spend hours reading music blogs to discover awesome new indie artists to listen to and tried to start my own…let’s just say, it did not stick! In any case, I always love finding new songs to add to my playlists and love discovering new bands. Make sure you keep reading, because I’ve got a playlist of my current favorite jams curated and ready for your listening pleasure! In the meantime, I want to talk to you about these fab (and affordable!) Bluetooth wireless headphones I recently discovered.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my little earbuds because they’re so compact, but they can be such a hassle when they get caught in everything, fall out of my ears constantly, and get super tangled up. For that reason, I really wanted to find a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that wouldn’t break the bank, but also sound great. I did a little shopping on Amazon, and found these white, wireless beauties and decided to give them a try. Amazon is kind of my addiction, because shopping there is so easy, and I have a Prime account, so my online purchases get to me so quickly and easily.


When I received these headphones, I was immediately impressed by their quality, especially since they were only $49! I love the cushioned ears because they really are so comfortable to wear; there’s nothing worse than headphones that have too much pressure and start to hurt after a while. They were really easy to pair with my phone and I was able to start using them right away! So far, I’ve been loving wearing them as I run errands or while cleaning the house. I love how they don’t get in the way and allow me all the freedom of movement I would never get with regular headphones. They will definitely be perfect for getting around campus during the coming school year too! Head here to snag a pair of your own!


Check out my fall jams playlist on Spotify! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and if you want, tell me what song you’ve got on repeat lately so I can add it to my list!

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