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The Strapless and Backless Bra You Must Try ASAP

backless bra

Real talk: I hate having a larger chest. I would just LOVE to be a C or even a B cup, just a bit smaller than I am. Why, you might ask? Well, I’m super jealous of girls who can wear backless, strapless and low-cut outfits without any issues because they can just go without a bra. This is not the case for me. I have to wear strapless bras for strapless things, and let’s just be honest…strapless bras are the literal worst. They don’t really work, you always have to keep pulling them up, and they just do nothing for the appearance of the girls. Because of this, I have been on the hunt for the perfect strapless, backless bra, and I think I found one that works well and is worth your hard-earned dime!

backless bra

If you’re like me, and you just want soooo badly to be able to wear backless clothing, keep reading. Or, if you’re in the itty-bitty titty club and just want to have some oomph when you’re wearing something strapless, this is for you too. Seriously, this NuBra underwire strapless, backless bra is  amazing. They come in all different styles and go from size A-DD/E, which is pretty insane if you’re on the bigger side and know it’s so hard to come by a product like this that’s made for bigger girls. I got really excited when those sticky bras came out that had the little corset, zip-tie, whatever-you-want-to-call-it thing in the middle, and promptly ordered one. I was sadly disappointed because they just didn’t seem to stick onto my chest correctly and also, it was so hard to achieve that “cleavage” effect the videos so amazingly demonstrate.

backless bra

When I was sent these NuBras to try, I was skeptical and for good reason. I’ve been searching for years for a product like this, with no success. I really just came to a place where I accepted the fact that I was going to have to wait for my post-pregnancy reduction and lift to even be able to style anything backless, which was a depressing thought for me, but I was resigned to it.

backless bra

Here’s my first impression of the NuBra: It really sticks to you! I love how the cups are separate, so you can place them on yourself accordingly to get the right amount of lift you need. Everyone is different, so this really enables you to work with your own shape to get the look you want. Also, these cups really do not stop! They really do stick to you. I definitely made it a point to wear them around, walk, dance, do anything you might do in real life to make sure these things were not going to pop off, and they didn’t!

One of the great things about these bras is that if you wash them with a mild soap and water after each use and continue to store them properly, you can reuse them over and over again, which I will definitely be doing because a whole new realm of fashion has now been opened to me: backless! I don’t know if y’all can tell how happy I am about this through the text, but I’m about as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. Make sure to check out NuBra and ditch those awful strapless bras once and for all!

Here’s a gorgeous backless dress I wore during NYFW that I couldn’t have possibly worn without this backless bra from NuBra!

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