6 Hot Weather Beauty Hacks to Get Through Summer

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Alright. It is officially hot AF right now here in Los Angeles. When it is this hot outside, I personally feel like it becomes super hard to keep myself looking pulled together and pretty, because the heat is just overbearing! My makeup won’t stay put, my hair becomes a hassle…hell, even clothes just aren’t fun anymore when you can be by the pool in a bikini! Any season comes with its beauty challenges, so I am here to help you with some hot weather beauty hacks to get you through the rest of the summer. Read on, because there’s some gems in here that you dont’ want to miss out on!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks


Summer is rough when you have really long, thick hair like me. Ok, I’d say that summer is probably rough for anyone with any kind of hair that reaches their neck. To me, this means that my go-to is braids and updo’s. Unfortunately, I don’t have eyes in the back of my head as I’m sure you don’t either, so some of these hairstyles are a challenge when you can’t see what’s going on in the back. That’s where this huge, three-way, tri-view mirror comes into play. You can see every angle of your hair with this, and the best part is its super portable as it folds up on itself. Also, it has door hooks so you can hang it over your bathroom door so it is always available when you need to see the back of your handiwork. You can check them out on their website here, and they’re also available for purchase on Amazon for all you Prime lovers out there. Additionally, if you want to check out this mirror in action, head over to youtube for some awesome videos where you can see all the awesome uses for this mirror!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

SEXY HAIR: Soy Renewal Beach Spray

While we are on the subject of hair, one of my favorite hot weather beauty hacks is beach hairspray. Look, like I said before, I have a LOT of hair, and its really long. I don’t think you understand the special kind of torture that involves trying to give myself a sleek blowout when it is this hot, especially since I am convinced my bathroom is the hottest room in the apartment. That’s where this Soy Renewal sea salt hairspray comes in. Not only am I not constantly damaging my hair with heat styling, but I also don’t have to suffer while I die of heat stroke trying to blow my hair dry, because beach spray makes my hair look surfer-girl perfect with little to no effort. In case you’re not familiar, you literally let your hair air dry until its partially damp, spritz some beach spray in your hair, scrunch your hair a bit with your hands, and let it continue to air dry to beachy, undone perfection. I love this one by Sexy Hair because it also has argan oil in it to nourish and moisturize my hair after all the heat styling I use on it. Check them out here if you’re interested in snagging some for yourself!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

PFB Vanish + Chromabright

Another beauty challenge in the summer is all the hair removal that goes on. Legs, underarms, bikini, you name it, there’s a whole lot of shaving and waxing going on. With that comes painful ingrown hair, razor bumps, and dark spots. This roll-on gel formula helps to relieve all these issues with a healing combo of glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids that help lift ingrowns from beneath the skin and diminish dark spots. You can use this formula on your face, neck, underarms, legs, back, and bikini areas. You can check PFB out here and find out more info for all your hair problems that ail you!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths

Like I said before, the heat makes me a hot, sweaty mess sometimes, so it is vital to have an on-the-go option to kee myself smelling fresh. That is why I absolutely love Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths because they are a great item that I can pop into my purse so that I’m never caught out and about smelling less than amazing. Feminine care is something I take seriously y’all, and these clothes are great for maintaining a natural pH, but I also trust them because they are free from harsh ingredients and are gynecologist tested. This Coconut Water scent also just smells incredible as I literally love everything that smells like coconut. To see all their personal care products, check out Summer’s Eve here!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Glam Face and Eye Cupping Set

I’m going to admit, the idea of cupping was pretty weird for me when I first heard about it on the Summer Olympic athlete coverage a couple years ago. However, when I heard that cupping for the face was a thing and that it could help me do all sorts of things like tone, lift and sculpt my face, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, help with puffy under eyes, clear up your sinuses, stimulate collagen production, clear toxins, improve depth and efficacy of any skincare product, among so many other benefits, I was pretty sold on giving it a try. Basically, it is being called a natural alternative to botox, injections, and plastic surgery, which sounds pretty amazing to me! As I am approaching my 30’s I’m always looking for ways to up my skincare game and do what I can to keep time at bay for as long as possible, so this is definitely something I’m going to be incorporating into my routine. Interested in giving this a try? Check out everything you need for facial cupping here and make sure to use code BABBLE15 for 15% off your purchase!

Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

Casio Baby-G

For someone who always has a watch on like myself, summer can be a bit of a challenge. most of my watches are either not suited for the water, or they aren’t waterproof at all. This Casio Baby-G watch is perfect for the entire season because its super cute and sporty-chic, but also waterproof up to 100 meters, so you never have to remember to take it off if you’re playing by the beach or lounging by the pool. I went for the white watch with blue face, but there’s also another adorable option in pink with a white face.

Shop this watch here!


I hope you enjoyed my hot weather beauty hacks! What are some of your go-to beauty tricks in the hot summer months? Let me know down in the comments below, I can use all the help I can get in this heat!


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