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Rainy Day Chic: Awesome Rain Boots for Less than $100

An awesome alternative to Hunter boots

Let’s be honest…when it’s rainy, the last thing you probably care about is your outfit. All that really matters is wearing something that you don’t mind getting wet. But more than this, you want to put on something that is going to keep you as dry as possible. That’s where awesome rain gear comes in. I am here to help you get rainy day chic! I’m not going to lie, I was pretty skeptical about buying rain gear, especially as a Los Angeles resident. I mean, common, we live in a desert, right?! It never rains here! Well, this year has changed all of that up, because we have gotten massive amounts of rain in the last couple months. I am definitely not complaining because we need all the rain we can get here in California, what with our drought and all. One thing that really bummed me out was the fact that it always seemed to downpour on the mornings when I had to go to school. There’s nothing worse than trudging across campus in shoes that are not made for rain, so I decided I needed to get some good rain boots.

Obviously, Hunter boots are THE rain boots to buy right now. Everyone seems to have them. Honestly, they’re like the Ugg boots of rain boots to me. Like Ugg boots, I’m not completely opposed to them, but they also really lack any personality. They’re also a tad bit on the expensive side. I found these Joules boots and immediately fell in love. They have rain boots in all different styles, prints, colors, and finishes. There’s honestly something for everyone there, and they average about $80 a pair. That’s definitely a great price cut from Hunter boots, which are usually at least $150 a pop. If there’s anything I can preach all day long, it is not to just settle for the “it” brand that everyone else is wearing. Do your research, and find something else that is just as great and more affordable! If you absolutely need to have that Hunter logo on the front of your boots, then that is one thing, but if you need a stylish pair of rain boots, definitely look around because there are so many great options out there! Joules is such a great brand, because they’re based out of the UK, so obviously when it comes to rain, they know what they’re doing!

Rainy Day Chic

The Rain boots that will make you forget Hunters

Rainy Day Chic

Rainy Day Chic

Rainy Day Chic

The best Hunter Boot Alternative

Rainy Day Chic

Rainy Day Chic

Rainy Day Chic

Jacket: c/o Joules / T-Shirt: H&M, old, similar/ Jeans: YMI, similar/ Boots: c/o Joules/ Purse: Kate Spade/ Watch: c/o Cluse Watches/ Bracelet Stack+ Necklace: c/0 Mali Beads

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Photos by Stefanie Marie

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