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They say its not polite to go through a lady’s purse, but, if she let’s you go through it, it’s totally fine, right? I always love to see what other people find essential in hopes to find some new gem, so I’m excited to partner with Dove to share with you all the things I can’t do without! Between my three jobs, this blog, and going to school at UCLA, my life is a little nuts, so I definitely have some essentials that keep me productive and focused throughout the day. Let’s get right into this, shall we?


  1. First off all, let’s talk about this bag. I just picked this up from Target today and I’m already obsessed. It just does not look like a Target bag, because it has a way more luxe feel to it. I love that it is so big, because sometimes I just don’t feel like using a backpack at school, so this is a great bag that is big enough to fit all my essentials and my books while still looking chic!
  2. Ipad +  iphone: Ok, you probably think its crazy that I carry around my phone and my ipad, but for me it is a must, especially during the school year. It is so great being a student in this era of e-books, because there are so many books I need for school that I am able to buy as a digital version. This way, I have all my reading with me in a compact, lightweight tablet rather than lugging around several heavy books. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even do that because its just not practical, so having my school reading on my tablet gives me the opportunity to get some reading done when I have downtime throughout my day.
  3. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant: I have been a longtime fan of Dove and their products, especially their deodorant. First of all, I’ve never had any white residue get on my clothes from this stuff, and also it really is so soothing on your skin because of its NutriumMoisture formula. I don’t think I speak alone when I say that that area of your body needs a little extra TLC, and Dove always delivers that. I am loving this Shea Butter version as it really is so moisturizing, but the cucumber one is also awesome and smells so fresh. Nothing is worse than being smelly mid-day and having nothing to fix it, so the 48 hour protection it offers is definitely a must for me.
  4. Roller Ball: Speaking of being smelly, I always love to carry a rollerball of perfume with me in my purse. I feel like my perfume tends to wear off after a while so this just helps to give me a little boost in the afternoon.
  5. Kind Bar: Man, do I need to keep healthy snacks on me! I get so busy that I often forget to eat which is horrible, so I purposefully pack myself something healthy that I can take on the go. Kind bars are so delicious and have just enough sweetness to give me a little boost of energy to get me through the afternoon.
  6. Phone Charger: This is a non-negotiable item in my purse, because my phone battery just does not stand a chance against all the social media activity, music streaming, and waze-ing that I put it through during the day. This battery is awesome because when it’s fully charged it will charge your phone 5 times! I never worry about my phone dying when I have this on me.
  7. Sunnies: When you live in Southern California and it is sunny just about every day of the year, sunglasses are just a must! This pair of Ray Bans has to be my all-time favorite pair because they’re pink, (duh) and they give any outfit a great pop of color!
  8. Makeup: I always make sure to have some concealer and a good lipstick on me. You never know when you’re going to need a touch up!
  9. Wallet: Last but not least, my wallet! Obviously you can’t leave home without one, and this Michael Kors wallet is perfect for everything card-wise that I need to carry with me. I also love this color, it makes me think of flamingos which is never a bad thing. 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your must-have daily essentials? Let me know in the comments below, I always love discovering new products!

This post contains sponsored content in collaboration with Dove and Simply Stylist but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make possible!



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  • Reply Maggie October 12, 2016 at 5:46 am

    This looks exactly like what I carry in my bag! You can never have enough stuff haha


  • Reply Ashley Zeal October 12, 2016 at 9:10 am

    I love these types of posts!! Dove is my favorite!

  • Reply Lacey October 12, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Oh I just love these kinds of posts! Must be because I’m so nosey and love to know what other people carry around haha! I used to always have a rollerball perfume in my purse, but I have accidentally smashed not just one, but TWO! Such a mess haha.

    xo Lacey

  • Reply xoxobellablog October 12, 2016 at 9:47 am

    We have like the same stuff in our bag lol! I think most girls have all the same stuff in their bag lol. I never leave the house without a charger.

  • Reply sarah lindner October 12, 2016 at 11:55 am

    I agree with everything in your bag! When I carry one deodorant is a must! Great post girl

    Sarah Lindner

  • Reply elisepurdon October 12, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    I don’t know why, but what’s in my bag posts are some of my favourites haha thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  • Reply Jessica Sheppard October 12, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    This is such a cute post! Thanks for letting us dig through your purse. 😉 You have some great essentials! I love carrying around a phone charger and rollerball with me too.

  • Reply dashingdarlinblog October 13, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    You had me at Target!! Love the bag. And, Dove is my favorite. Those sunnies are ADORBS too.


  • Reply larissa October 18, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    OH I need that ipad in my bag haha. great post, girl!
    Living in Color

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