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What to do if You Have Only One Day In Barcelona



Happy weekend everyone, I hope you are enjoying this summer sun! I’ve been sharing my travels in Europe over the past two weeks, and I’ve now got some awesome photos from Barcelona, Spain to share with you! Barcelona is such a vibrant, colorful city, so I definitely wanted to wear something that followed that vibe. It was also much warmer than Paris, but I was glad to break out the summer clothes I had packed. If only all the cities we traveled to had the same weather, maybe my suitcase wouldn’t have broken my back so much!


IMG_1118These pictures were taken in Park Guel, which was so gorgeous to kind of get lost in for an hour or two. In this park you can find so many awesome structures and statues that were designed by Antoni Gaudi, whose work seems to be all over the city of Barcelona. Keep scrolling for more pictures of the city and more of his unconventional designs!








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Photos taken by Wendy Jones



While I really enjoyed what time I had in Barcelona, it was unfortunately a short trip. I had planned for two full days here, but thanks to airport worker’s strikes in Paris, our flight out of Charles de Gaulle was one of the many flights canceled. Instead of getting to Barcelona first thing in the morning, we hung out in CDG for 8 more hours and got to Barcelona in the early evening. While these things can happen while you’re traveling, it still would’ve been nice to have had that first day. Extenuating circumstances aside, we set out on day two to make the most of our stay.



Our first stop was Park Guel, a large park that is slightly outside of the main part of the city. This park is absolutely gorgeous and offers some amazing views of the city. It also houses many different works by Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi. I love his style because it is both modern but also quirky and unconventional.


This is Gaudi’s house located in Park Guel. You can take a short tour of the interior to see the amazing furniture the artist also designed that definitely fits the style of the house perfectly. Make sure if you want to go see Gaudi’s dragon that you go to the main park entrance and get tickets in advance for the time you want to go. We did not know this and unfortunately they didn’t have any times available until later in the evening. However, a park staff member informed me that if you come to that area of the park after 9:30, entrance is free!



This church is Sagrada Familia, another building designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction of this incredible church begain in 1882, and it is still in the process of being finished. Its expected finish date is sometime around 2026, so there is still much to be done. Even though this structure isn’t yet complete, it is still an amazing sight to behold. The details on the outside of the church are unlike any church I have ever seen.



Inside, this church is breathtaking. The ceilings soar above you, and the massive stained glass allow tons of colorful light to spill into the space. When planning your visit to this church, make sure you buy your tickets in advance! I believe this is the only way to get entrance into the church. They have all different options of tours. You can check their website out to see all the different ticket options.






After Sagrada Familia, we headed to Casa Batllo, yet another of Gaudi’s amazing works. This house is also known as the house of bones, or the house of masks, and it is pretty easy to see why. We decided to take the tour of Casa Batllo because obviously you have to see the interior of a house that looks like that! This tour was a little on the pricer side at 23 Euros, but it is so worth it! Upon entering, you are given headphones and a smartphone that has numbered buttons that correspond with the area you are standing in. When you hit the button, you can hold the smartphone up to where you are looking and the screen shows you what the room would’ve looked like furnished during the time that Barcelona’s wealthiest families lived there.

This building was designed to make you feel like you’re underwater. It has no completely straight lines anywhere!






I would highly recommend taking this tour to anyone going to Barcelona. This building is so incredible, inside and out.


When in Barcelona, it is a given that you have to get yourself some tapas and drink plenty of Sangria! After a long day of wandering around, this tasted so delicious!


At the end of our trip in Barcelona, my friend and I grabbed a bottle of rioja and some glasses and set out for the beach. While we would’ve loved to make it to the beach earlier, we still got to dip our toes in the Mediteranean and watch a gorgeous sunset.


That concludes my very short visit to Barcelona…stay tuned, because Italy is next!

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