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Out with Old: Trends that Need to Stop in 2016


It is a new year, so it is high time we start ditching last year’s trends that have run their course. I love trends as much as the next person; it can be really fun to adopt new things into your wardrobe while they are having their “moment.” However, trends are meant to be temporary and soon lose their lustre. Here are some of the trends that I hope to see exist stage left this year.





Ok, I love a great pair of distressed jeans like the next person. However, when your jeans are one misstep away from becoming cutoff shorts, it is time to either take some scissors to them or just retire them. Seriously, what is even the point when they get this hole-y? Buh-bye! Go with a couple small rips here and there to keep it classy.



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Festival season will soon be upon us, so this year, let’s make a resolution to just leave Woodstock in the past and stop it with the flower crowns, excessive fringe, and over-the-the-top hippie fashion.

Try something a little more modern for festivals this year:



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There is no doubt that sweatpants definitely have their place. That place is on the couch. I just can’t anymore with dressy heels with sweatpants! I can’t tell you how many times last year I tried to do this and scrapped the whole outfit because it is just that ridiculous. I am all for trying new things and taking sartorial risks, but let’s just leave this weird styling trend in 2015, ok?


This is one trend I will never understand. Why anyone would make such an effort to look so completely blah and basic is beyond my comprehension. This all came to a head when Kanye came out with his uber-blah collections the last two years that everyone in the fashion world seems to be tripping over themselves to get their hands on. I am all for minimalism, but this look seems like it’s trying very hard to be frumpy. Whyyyyyyy?! Someone please explain it to me. In the meantime, can we finally lay “normcore” to rest?

Instead of sloppy, go for classics that are minimal and simple:




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These t’s were amusing for a couple of months, much like a new joke the first couple times you hear it. After about five times of hearing that joke, you are over it. The same goes for these puns via designer names people have had a lot of fun with in the past year. Let’s leave these in our 2015 time capsule, shall we?

What do you think about this list? Are there trends from last year that you are completely over? I’d love to hear what you think!

Thanks for reading…have fun cleaning out those closets! 😉

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