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Crop: Topshop, similar/ Shirt: Forever 21, similar/ Jeans: Forever 21, similar/ Shoes: Chuck Taylor/ Bag: Fossil/ Watch: Michael Kors

One thing I am really loving lately is taking something that is really dressy and sparkly and pairing it with something that is super casual and everyday. Also, I’m really enjoying taking really casual stuff and wearing it with something dressy. You get my drift (or should I say…midriff?) Ok. That was cheesy to say the least. There’s a lot of things I love about this outfit. One would be these ripped up boyfriend jeans that I am so glad I bought from Forever 21 when I did because they’re gone now. I’m obsessed with them, they are soooo comfy. If my Nana could see me now, she would probably give me an earful about how I should never wear such ripped up jeans. I’ve come to terms with this. Also, I’m sure somewhere my mom is SUPER thrilled that I’m wearing a crop top. This is everything that she WOULD NEVER let me wear as a teenager. I think if I made a habit of wearing a burlap sack as a 14 year old, she would’ve been happier. (Mom if you are reading this, I love you and this is all in good fun.)

In any case, I do love my “disco ball” crop top. However, because it is so sparkly, its hard to wear it under normal, every day circumstances. You may remember that i wore it with a skirt around Christmas time for a holiday party. However, I really love this shirt and want to wear it more than once. The solution is to pair it with very casual pieces, such as ripped up boyfriend style jeans, a plaid shirt, or converse to give it that “I don’t really care what I look like but boy am I sparkly!” look. The key to doing daytime sparkles is just to own it. If you want to shimmer and glimmer before the hour of 7pm, then freakin’ do it! Who is stopping you?! Definitely not me! Rules are meant for breaking people, don’t forget that! 🙂

Thanks for reading, and have an amazing weekend! xo

Photo cred: Ashley Sutton

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