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How to Wear High Heels and Stay Comfy for NYFW

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I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

Ok, so I am excited BEYOND WORDS, because I am headed to New York Fashion Week! Honestly, this has been on my bucket list since I can remember, and I am still pinching myself that I am really going to attend this year. Now, what the heck do I wear?!

When packing for New York Fashion Week, obviously I want to put my best foot forward. I mean that literally and figuratively. I’ve been poring over Pinterest and fashion magazines galore trying to get some inspiration for my NYFW looks. One thing that is for sure: footwear is a huge part of any look, and you can’t show up to Fashion Week in any old shoes! Here’s where it gets tricky: I know I will most certainly be doing tons of walking while I’m in New York. Usually, when I think of doing tons of walking, my high heels are not the shoes I gravitate towards. While I will definitely be rocking some sneakers, I just have to wear heels at some point, it is truly unavoidable. There is nothing better than a high heel to instantly transform your look. I love wearing heels because they make me feel sexy, sophisticated, and powerful. These are all things I want to feel while I am in New York for my first fashion week, so I’ll definitely be packing a couple pairs of heels to style while I am there.


One pair that I just wouldn’t leave home without is my Christian Louboutin pumps. They’re classic, they’re chic, they go with everything, they make my legs look incredible, but they are not the most comfortable of shoes! When my feet hurt, I am the biggest baby. I seriously have taken my heels off and walked barefoot down the street in order to avoid painful heels, which is kind of awful, but I seriously can’t deal with painful shoes. I spent a pretty penny on my Louboutins, so I had to find a solution to make them wearable for longer periods of time. That’s where these Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ insoles came in. This line of products helps you look fabulous in your heels or flats without all the pain, so in my case I can comfortably wear my high heels all day. You can easily locate these products in the foot care aisle near the pharmacy in your local Target.

The Stylish Step™ High Heel Relief Insoles are life changing, if I do say so myself. They are amazing because they shift the pressure off the ball of your feet, which the biggest pain area for me when wearing heels. Another one of my favorite Stylish Step™ products is the Ball of Foot cushions for high heels. These are great for relieving and preventing ball of foot pain while wearing heels. I love these for my higher heels because they really help to make walking a little bit easier when you have that extra cushion in your shoes. I’ve also been a huge fan of the Stylish Step™ Heel Liners for a while now. I’ve definitely purchased a couple pairs of heels that slipped around on my heel and caused blisters, so I tried these out to cut down on all the slipping and they really just make you feel so much more secure in your footwear. If high heels just are not your thing, they’ve also got all kinds of great products for flats!

I am honestly just so stoked to be heading to New York Fashion Week this year, and I’m so glad I found these awesome Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step™ products to ensure I can look my best and put my most chic foot forward while running between shows and parties! Right now you can get 10% off using your Cartwheel app when you purchase Stylish Steps™! Find out more here.



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