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A Transitional Fashion Trick for When Its Still 100 Degrees Out

It’s that time of year, when the fashion world starts talking about “transitional fashion.” This term has always made me curious. Living in Los Angeles, we don’t really have this thing called “fall” that other geographical locations are blessed with. No no, we have summer, which starts around May, and continues through July, and then August through most of October is just blisteringly hot summer. It is so funny too, because every year right around September I get all excited for this thing called “fall,” thinking, oh yah, Los Angeles is gonna be different this year, its gonna be better! My attitude toward this is like some girl who keeps giving some douche chance after chance to prove he’s not a jerk, when in reality, she needs to accept the truth and move on. Yeah that’s me with the “transitional fashion” portion of the year.

With all that being said, here’s my trick for all you lovelies who happen to be caught in the same boiling hell that I am for the next month or so…throw an element of velvet in with your look. In my case, I’ve got the very subtle hint of velvet in these slip on loafers. Its not much, but it is a huge trend for fall, and its about all the velvet I can handle in this 107 degree weather.

Yeah, maybe I’m not serving you the best way to wear your cardigan now and later, but let’s be honest, I don’t want knits anywhere close to my body at this point because it is hot as freaking hell, in case that point hasn’t been driven home to you yet in this post. I wish I could show you the best fall trends to get you all ready for fall, but my friends, if I was to do that on the streets of Los Angeles, I’d probably die of heat stroke, and I’m just not ready to die, ok?! So yes, I’m coming to you today telling you to add some velvet. Also, how cool are these loafers from Zara? I could imagine that they’re gonna look FAB with my jeans and slouchy sweaters, come whatever time that we have temperatures that allow me to dress that way! I really hate spiders with all the fibers of my being, but just really loved these loafers and had to have them, especially at a $35 price tag, they look way more expensive than they are!! Anyway, cheers to all you ladies who can start wearing transitional fashion, I’m super jealous of you! All I’ve got for now is putting velvet on my feet. Hopefully I’ll get to wear some cardigans for y’all soon! 😉

transitional fashion

Blouse: Bishop and Young (on sale for $22!)/ Pants: Zara, similar (for $15!)/ Purse: Nusaluna/ Loafers: Zara/ Earrings: Amazon/ Watch: Michael Kors

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