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How + Why to Rock a Tailored, Business Casual Look

Business Casual

Business Casual. What does that term bring to mind? People who work in cubicles in an office 9-5? That stuffy old blazer you have in the back of your closet for whenever you need to look somewhat “professional”? I will admit, everytime I hear the words business casual, it always used to make me shudder a bit. I’ve never had a traditional 9-5 job in an office, so I’ve never felt the need to dress this way. I figured that this was for “the office,” and since I never go to any office for work, why should I have wardrobe like this? Lately, my opinion on this matter has started to shift. Maybe its a sign of getting older, or maybe its just a sign of appreciating the finer things in life. Look, here in Los Angeles and in Southern California in general, we have a pretty casual lifestyle. Even if you go out to some of the nicer restaurants here in LA, you can still do it acceptably in jean cutoffs as long as you have on a cute blouse and shoes. I have come to realize that however much I love casual wear, there is certainly an opportunity to look chic and pulled together by wearing more tailored, “business casual” looks without looking stuffy.

Here’s the thing: trousers look great on everyone when they fit you properly. I’d been seeing some girls sporting trousers in some really cool ways and wanted to give it a go, so I snagged this fab pink pair from Zara a month or so ago and have not regretted it. They fit so perfectly, and no matter if I wear them with heels or sneakers, they make me look so effortlessly polished. A good, tailored, cropped trouser will elevate the rest of your look in a way that reads girl boss, which is a-ok with me! They key is fit here: if the trousers are baggy in the wrong places or too long, you’ve defeated the purpose. For this look, I topped everything off with this gorgeous polka dot tie back blouse. Because these pants are high waisted, this outfit still looks chic and sophisticated. I was definitely thinking of all the chic and stylish women I saw in Italy last summer when I put this all together. Business Casual doesn’t have to turn you off…think of it more as as way of looking pulled together rather than office-y and the stigma goes away so quickly!

Business Casual

business casual

Business Casual

Business Casual

Business CAsual

Top: Zara, similar/ Trousers: Zara, similar/ Handbag: VIP Shop/ Shoes: Kaitlyn Pan


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