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Labor Day BBQ Outfits + Cocktails with Ashley of Three Pretty Beans

IMG_4630Happy Labor Day everyone! Today I’m doing a little something different and bringing you an outfit post collaboration with my friend Ashley Sutton of Three Pretty Beans. Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with a pool party/BBQ and it was a blast. Since it also happens to be Labor Day weekend and super hot outside, Ashley and I are bringing you some great poolside fashion and a great watermelon margarita recipe…details on that below! Pool party BBQ’s can be a little tricky when it comes to figuring out what to wear. The key is light layers. Letting your bathing suit be part but not all of the focus of your outfit can also be fun. Ashley and I both decided to try out the one piece, since they have made such a comeback this summer. One thing to love about one pieces is that they can easily be worn underneath shorts or sheer dresses. However, the major perk of the once piece is the fact that they really cinch in your waist for a super flattering look.

IMG_4631Jessica’s Outfit:

Dress: H&M, similar/ Suit: Old, similar, similar/ Sandals: Forever 21, old, similar/ Sunnies: Forever 21/ Scarf: H&M, old, similar/ Sunglass straps: Sintillia (Get 15% off your order with my code MissMore)/ Watch: Michael Kors

Ashley’s Outfit:

Top: LF, similar/ Suit: Nasty Gal/ Jeans: DIY, similar/ Hat: Forever 21/ Sandals: BCBG Generation/ Sunnies: RAEN









IMG_4600This next part is for you drinking age people…you know how you are! So you want to know how to make this super delicious looking margarita right? There are a couple things to love about this margarita. One is the obvious fact that it has tequila in it. We love tequila drinks because tequila is probably one of the best liquors you can drink. Unlike other alcohols, tequila does not raise your blood sugar levels. The key is to go for a tequila that is 100% agave, as cheaper tequilas will have other additives. Also, the tequila with 100% agave won’t give you a hangover…I can’t make that claim if you drink 10 shots, but trust me when I say you will thank yourself the next morning for spending a little bit more money on a better tequila. Another thing to keep in mind if you are trying to get your drink on without putting the pounds on, drink tequila with natural, low sugar ingredients. This is one reason why we love this recipe so much, it has very little sweetener because the natural sweetness in watermelon goes a long way.

IMG_7692Jessica’s Watermelon Margarita:


Quality Tequila (I like reposado for the flavor, but blanco works just as well)

Agave Nectar

Half a Watermelon

Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice (Any lime juice works, I like this brand for how tart it is)

Himalayan Pink Salt (mostly for aesthetic purposes, regular sea salt works too)

Take a watermelon and cut up about half of it. Throw those pieces (sans rind of course) into a blender. If the blender can’t quite puree your watermelon, pour a little lime juice into the blender to help the process. Once the watermelon is completely pureed, I like to store it in a pitcher.

Rim your glasses and set them aside.


Find yourself a shaker, and fill it with ice.


Pour 2 ounces of tequila into the shaker.


Next, pour 1 ounce of your lime juice.


I like only half an ounce of agave, because I prefer my drinks more sour than sweet. Feel free to do a full ounce if you aren’t a fan of tart drinks.


Grab your pitcher of watermelon juice, and pour 4 ounces.


Next, put the top on your shaker and give it a good 20 second shake. I should note, this shaker was not the best choice, and I ended up with margarita all over me when I tried to open it. Don’t do that.


Strain your margarita over ice in your pre-rimmed glass and enjoy!


Thank you for reading, make sure you check out Ashley’s blog, it is filled with great posts on living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Photos by Lisa Ann Luke & Ashley Sutton

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