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Add a Little Flare to Your Outfit

IMG_2572Do you remember when skinny jeans first became popular? I remember the first time I tried on a pair…it was back in 2006 on my Senior class trip to London, England, and I was shopping in Miss Selfridge for the first time. Even though I had read that skinny jeans were quickly becoming a thing in magazines, I hadn’t really seen anyone in my hometown of Franklin, TN sporting a pair quite yet. However, so many girls in London wore them so I thought, hey, lets give this a shot. At first, I thought I looked so weird in those skin tight jeans, after all, I had been wearing flares for so long I forgot what my calves looked like in pants. Believe it or not, I feel as though the opposite is happening right now. I’ve been wearing skinny jeans exclusively for so long that I feel weird wearing boot cut or flare jeans. If you can relate, try to break out of that rut, because the 70’s are making a comeback and with that flare pants. But don’t wear them because they’re trendy, wear them because they are flattering as hell. Here’s a couple pointers on how to look great in flares:

1. Go for the high-waisted version. The hip hugger version you wore 10 years ago needs to stay in the past.

2. Get a pair that is long enough for you to wear with heels and still come down to the floor. This pair was pretty long when I bought them, but not long enough for me to keep from looking like I was waiting for a flood. The simple solution is to take them to the tailor and have them taken up or let out as much as your height dictates.

3. For a legs-for-days look, always wear chunky heels or wedges with flares. Stilettos tend to look weird with the proportion of the wide legs, and I personally think that flats and flares can tend to look a little stumpy. If you are over 6’0, go ahead and wear flats with your flares because you are already blessed with height.

4. I love to either wear something that accentuates my waist, or something long and flowy for a more boho look. I guess this outfit is a mixture of both of those strategies. Either way, you can’t go wrong!






IMG_2640Top: Forever 21, old, similar/ Shirtdress: Forever 21/ Jeans: Target/ Purse: H&M/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Wedges: Jessica Simpson, similar

Thanks for reading, have a great afternoon! xo

Photos by Ashley Sutton

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