So Long, 2014!


Well, it seems like everyone is reviewing this past year, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon. 2014 has truly been a great year for me. I feel as though this year really has flown, but maybe that’s just a symptom of getting older. However, I love that I got to travel so much this year. I don’t think I can say that I’ve managed to go to Mammoth, Vegas, Nashville, San Fransisco (twice), Chicago, Iowa, and San Jose all in the span of one year! I also know that this year I really felt surrounded by so much love and friendship. That sounds super corny, but I sincerely feel as though I have an amazing group of friends that are as close to family as I have out here on the West coast. This post is a look back at all my favorite looks and memories of the past year. Thank you everyone for your love and support! Here’s to the new year and all the new and exciting opportunities and experiences it will bring! Cheers! <3 xoxo

IMG_5149 IMG_5178




IMG_5482 IMG_5491

IMG_2489IMG_2398 IMG_5595


IMG_5676 IMG_5684

IMG_2573 2 IMG_2622

IMG_5737 IMG_5799


IMG_2718 IMG_2798

IMG_2869 IMG_6056

IMG_3066 IMG_3277

IMG_3419 IMG_3608

IMG_6493 IMG_6545IMG_6664

IMG_4020 2


IMG_4522 IMG_0117

IMG_0205 IMG_0120



IMG_0266 IMG_0283

IMG_4786 IMG_4969

IMG_5248 IMG_0428

IMG_0477 IMG_0480

IMG_5345_2 IMG_0575IMG_0659


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    I am loving all these pictures! Thank you for sharing! you would love our 2015 New Year Fit You post that we shared on the blog this week!

    xo, Jennifer
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