Drop in the Bucket

I am kind of a bag lady. Just one glance inside my closet will tell you that. My purse obsession could probably rival my shoe obsession. As someone who loves trying new trends, I was surprisingly not super excited about bucket bags. Normally I gravitate toward a more structured silhouette, but I think this is the very reason that the bucket bag grew on me. My purse collection needed something less rigid and stuffy, so I broke down and bought one of these sack-like purses. If you want to give this trend a go, here are some great, affordable options that are just a “drop in the bucket.” Sorry, you know I had to do it. 😉

Target, on sale for $12.24

Target Limited Edition Bucket Handbag - Navy : Target 2014-07-26 13-30-13


Urban Outfitters, on sale for $39.99

Deena & Ozzy Splinter Chain Bucket Bag - Urban Outfitters 2014-07-26 13-32-39

Just Fab, $49.99

Enamored - JustFab 2014-07-26 13-34-29


Shoedazzle, $49.95

Pullman - ShoeDazzle 2014-07-26 13-37-36

And, just for kicks, a gorgeous splurge version (a girl can dream)…

Alexander Wang, $950.00

Alexander Wang Diego Dumbo Metallic Bucket Bag, Rose Gold 2014-07-26 13-41-23


What do you think about bucket bags? Are they awesome or should they have stayed in the 90’s?

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo



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