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The Max(i) Impact Dress

IMG_7513The other day I heard someone say that it is “hotter than the hinges of hell outside.” Honestly, I don’t think any other phrase could so perfectly describe the weather that we are currently having here in LA. My mom tells me it is starting to feel like fall back home in Tennessee. As much as I really love living here, I do really miss Continue Reading

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Exploring Solvang, California

IMG_7586Last week, my boyfriend Nate and I decided we should get out of town. Not in the “crap, the authorities are after me” kind of way…more of the “hey, we should get the hell out of the rat race that is Los Angeles” kind of way. As much as I love LA, it is still always good to get away. I suggested Solvang, CA because of its apparent adorableness, but mostly for Continue Reading

Affordable Fashion

Affordable Fashion: The Chloe Drew Bag for $120 or Less

c133c62b812001f411766b1d35abb9d6 I have always had a problem with handbags. Especially handbags I can’t afford. Seriously, why do they have to be so freaking pretty?! I truly believe that a great handbag is worth the investment, but sometimes, it’s just waaaaaay too much. I think the character Lily Moscovitz said it best in The Princess Diaries: “These bags! You HAVE one of these bags? You know, we could hock that and feed a Continue Reading


Trend Report: Fall 2015


The onset of fall is kind of a love/hate relationship for me. On the one hand, fall is my favorite season. I look forward to fall for all the layering, jackets, scarves, boots, and fashion in general. On the other hand, the end of summer is a little sad because summer is Continue Reading

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Summer Suede

IMG_7297Who says that you can only wear suede in the fall and winter? Obviously, I do not subscribe to that idea, because I am loving my new suede mini skirt. Leather has pretty much made the crossover from being a cold-weather staple to something you can wear year round. The trick to wearing leather in summer is to keep it light. Sure, you could Continue Reading

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Beach, Please

Hello Summer 2015, where have you gone?! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was taking my last final exam and planning all the great things I was going to do this summer. While I may not have fully completed my summer bucket list, (it’s not over quite yet!) I do have to say I have probably been to the beach more Continue Reading

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